We acknowledge no app can magically transform your child’s academic performance.  But because the app is research based with proven classroom practices, we are confident this app will be a great jump start in helping your child become a better reader.  Our 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee Prep: Comprehension Practice app is personalized with a chapter based on child performance. Students must score 7 out of 10 correct in 2nd grade chapters to move on to 3rd grade.

Score Improvement Guarantee:

If you purchased the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee Prep: Comprehension Practice app and your child completed all of the passages, we guarantee a 4-point increase in your overall score. If not, we will give you another app.


You must download the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee Prep: Comprehension Practice app.

  • Your child must complete the entire app.
  • You must have taken the a reading comprehension test before.
  • Your old score must be valid (i.e. less than 1 year old).
  • Your child must complete all of the passages and questions contained in the app.
  • E-mail us a copy of your “Before” score report info@reinventrecessdigital.com when you sign up and a score showing new score. A scan or screenshot of your official online score report is fine.

Our apps are research based combined with classroom experience. We know good readers think about their reading before, during, and after, so we have designed the apps with these best practices in mind.  We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our Reading Guarantee app.  If you’ve done all of the above and your child does not improve, e-mail us a scanned copy of your “After” score report. You will then have a 24 hours to download another of our apps for free.

Tips for Improving your Child’s reading

  • Model good habits before during and after reading. Before reading, you should encourage your child to read the title and look at the cover to determine what he/she think might happen in the story/book.
  • During reading, show your child how to constantly monitor to make  sure they are understanding what they are reading.
  • After reading, it is  important they are able to summarize what they have read.
  • If reading a passage with questions, have your child read the questions before they read the passage.
  • Practice ! Practice ! Practice !


E-mail us at info@reinventrecessdigital.com


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