“This app is like a roadmap to make sure students are reading on target by third grade.”

Nancy Thornsberry
Literacy expert, Chillicothe City Schools

Weird to set up, but very effective

The functionality of the app is effective. First the kid reads a passage, then is asked true comprehension questions. The fact that the passage is still on the screen when the questions are asked promotes re-reading, which is a great skill at this age.

The content was very likely written by an educator, and keeps my son engaged. His teacher has remarked that they are already seeing improvement.

That being said, the interface is really bulky and not intuitive, and the set-up is flat-out stupid.

To set it up, you first add an admin log-in (I used my first name), then it asked for my email, then it took me back to the home screen. Then you add the kids by entering their names and pressing “add user”.

Once logged in, the kid presses “table of contents”, picks a chapter, reads the passage, then presses “questions” to answer the comprehension questions. To check their answers, I think they press “chapter complete”. This allows them to progress.

Lastly, this app simply doesn’t work well on phones. The smaller screens cuts off the comprehension questions, and there is no scrolling function for them. Use an iPad for a much better experience.

Learning New Skills

I really liked this app. It seems like other reading programs kind of teach to the test but this one really makes my son look at the questions and try to figure out the answer. I like that the kids can see all the questions and change answers if they want. My son is learning skills to review go back and read again and I like that the questions are labeled.

Lots to like

I like that the reading level and questions are at grade level. And since I am a former teacher, I like that the questions are labeled and you can see them. This is important for building skills And if I were still teaching ,because of the way the non fiction is constructed( compare / contrast : cause/ effect, etc.) I would use this app to help build writing skills. Overall great find.