Why we Developed Reading Apps

We thought  reading software  desperately needed some improvements. Most good teachers will tell you that we have students read all the questions before reading the passage. This builds purpose to the reading. The reader has something in mind before they begin reading. This dynamic is called metacognition and study after study tells us it is crucial to reading comprehension. Next, I thought the passages read like encyclopedia entries. Kids , like adults, want interesting things to read . It helps them want to read more !

My app contains an entire passage about the position of Lincoln’s hands at his memorial. Parents and teachers tell me the kids love it and go on Wikipedia to learn more !And the way the questions and answers were structured it was more like a dressed up video game with questions flashing on the screen. My apps are structured where kids can go back and re-read and change their answer if they so desire Re-reading for understanding is , too, part of being a good reader. Finally, I thought reading comprehension questions should be labeled [ main idea , vocabulary, etc.] so that kids, parents and/or teachers knew what kind of questions were being answered correctly and incorrectly.